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John Charter Reed

Missing since December 12th, 1980 from Manaus, Brazil

Personal information
Birthdate: 12-may-1952
Age at disappearance:
6'03" Weight: 170 lbs
Extra information:
He has a tattoo of a sun rising out of the water on his left chest.
WAT case #: brM001
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Circumstances of disappearance

John, a citizen of the United States, was last seen in Manaus, Brazil on December 12th, 1980. The circumstances surrounding his disappearance are unknown.

If you have ANY information on this person's whereabouts, no matter how trivial, please contact:

Twin Cities Police Department
+1 415 927 5150

Case number: C-92-0634
You may need to provide this number when contacting the law enforcement agency above.

The information you provide could be vital in solving this case. You may remain anonymous when submitting information to most agencies

California Missing Persons Registry