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Paolo Esteban Videla Sepúlveda

Missing since July 1st, 1995 from Quinteros, V Región, Chile

Personal information
Birthdate: 12-jun-1981
Age at disappearance:
168 cm / 5'6"
WAT case #: clM001
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Age progression

Circumstances of disappearance

Paolo was spending time at the beach in Quintero, La Puntilla region, Chile on July 1st, 1995 with his father and friends of his father's. He was last seen at 4:30 pm (16:30) as his father asked him to buy cigarettes in a store which was located a block away. According to the store's owner, Paolo did buy the cigarettes and then left the store; he seemed totally normal to the owner. Paolo never made it back home. His father informed Paolo's mother, Miriam Sepúlveda, who lived in another town, on the next day after their son's disappearance, because he thought that he'd return eventually; Miriam traveled to Quintero inmediately and made a missing persons report. The investigation was started twenty days later, though, because of the fact that Quintero had no police department at the time and, therefore, Quillota authorities had to handle the case.

Physics have told Miriam that Paolo could be in many places all over Chile, including Quintero, Viña, Valparaíso or Concón. One of them even told her that her son had been taken to Peru, but none of these locations turned up any clues as to Paolo's whereabouts. She also made investigations in the Chilean child prostitution, gay and drug-addict scenes, who all claimed not to have any involvement in her son's disappearance. No suspects have been named in Paolo's disappearance and his case remains unsolved.

Paolo didn't have problems at school or with his family. His mother suspects he was taken against his will. He didn't take money or his father's car, which he was allowed to drive. Paolo is described as not being very friendly, he enjoyed playing chess with two of his friends. Miriam separated from her husband for almost two years, angered by the fact that he had taken Paolo to the trip to Quintero where he disappeared. She founded the Ayúdame corporation, together with other parents of persons who have disappeared, to help with the recovery of missing children and adults.

If you have ANY information on this person's whereabouts, no matter how trivial, please contact:

Policía de Investigaciones de Chile
+56 (0) 2 5445000
E-mail address:
Postal address: General Mackenna 1314
Santiago, Chile

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The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
Qué pasa
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