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Philip Cairns

Missing since October 23rd, 1986 from Ballyroan, Dublin, Ireland

Personal information
Birthdate: 1-jan-1973
Age at disappearance:
1.57 m / 62 in
Extra information:
He has a small birthmark under his chin.
WAT case #: ieM001 Date added: 8-jun-2003
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Age progression

Circumstances of disappearance

On Friday, October 23rd, 1986, Philip left Colaiste Eanna Secondary School at 12:45 pm (12:45). and returned to his home on Ballyroan Road, for lunch. He left the house at 1:30 pm (13:30) and walked back to school but never arrived there. On the following Wednesday, the pupils of the school returned voluntarily to the school during their mid term break to be interviewed by the Gardai. In the afternoon, Philip's school bag appeared in a laneway off Anne Devlin Road, Ballyroan, Dublin. It was found by two school girls. The lane had been searched before this. The bag contained some of Philip's books but his Geography book and two religion books (Christian Way 1 and the Good News New Testament) were missing. Forensic tests on the bag did not reveal any information. A very extensive search operation was organised by the Gardai and hundreds of local people and sub aqua divers were involved in searching rivers, lakes, forests and the Dublin Mountains. There were over 400 sightings reported and all were followed up. On each anniversary of Philip's disappearance, the media carried appeals for information. In 1999 his case was the subject of an episode of the RTE TV Programme Solved and Unsolved. Investigations to date have been unsuccessful in providing any clues as to what happened to Philip or as to his whereabouts. His disappearance remains unsolved.

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