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Diana Cortes

Missing since September 15th, 1991 from Mexico City, DF, Mexico

Personal information
Birthdate: 19-apr-1985
Age at disappearance:
1.19 m / 3'11" Weight: 29 kg / 64 lbs
Extra information:
Diana may also be known by the name "Diana Cortes Carrizales".
WAT case #: mxF001 Date added: 8-jun-2003
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Age progression to 16 years old

Circumstances of disappearance

Diana was last seen leaving her home at approximately 1:30 pm (13:30) on September 15th, 1991. A witness saw her being pulled into a gray Volkswagen by an unknown white male. The male was described as being approximately 5'11" with long brown hair and a moustache.

If you have ANY information on this person's whereabouts, no matter how trivial, please contact:

Mexican Consulate, Department of Protection, Patricia de la Garza
+1 (213) 351-9825


Policia Federal Judicial
+1 (213) 386-1757

The information you provide could be vital in solving this case. You may remain anonymous when submitting information to most agencies

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children