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Jamie Marr

Missing since March 1994 from the island of Koh Samui, Thailand

Personal information
Birthdate: 1967-1968
Age at disappearance:
dark brown
6'1" Weight: approx. 135 lbs
Extra information:
Jamie is very thin, with broad shoulders, a big smile and receding hairline. His hair could now be long or shaven, he could possibly be wearing a goatee. Jamie is of Caucasian and Chinese descent.
WAT case #: thM001
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Circumstances of disappearance

Jamie is a resident of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. In 1993, he took time off university to take a backpacking trip through Southeast Asia. He mysteriously disappeared sometime in 1994 from Thailand.

Witness reports indicate Jamie was experiencing some kind of mental illness or distortion when he disappeared. He made attempts to call home, and even booked a flight home which he never caught. Jamie's backpack, which contained some of his personal belongings, including his travel journal, was found on Koh Phangan. His passport and traveler's cheques have not been located.

Jamie's friends wrote him this letter in 2000, six years after his disappearance:

Dear Jamie,

Seven years ago, when this all started, I remember thinking, he's out there having fun. He just lost track of time. I wasn't worried. It would blow over soon. In a few weeks we'd be sitting around a table in a pub, laughing about how you inadvertently managed to get everyone all excited over nothing.

It seems crazy, but there's still a part of me that believes that. Even seven years later.

Strangers speculate on what Jamie Marr would do, and why. You wouldn't believe some of the theories that have been tossed around. We like to think that we know better - that we know you better.

Did you intend to disappear? We can't believe that. Did you stumble into a life that has somehow kept you from us? Probably. I think you remember everything. I believe you have your reasons. You always did.

Around the same time you disappeared, my father fell in love with a Thai woman. He lives in Thailand, now, in the northeast. I have a little Thai half-sister, Naree, who is four and a brand new half-brother, Min. Strange parallels...

It is a place you can go, if you need it. My father would enjoy the company. You would be safe there.

In 1997, Dave, Carley and I spent two months in Thailand. We traveled from Khin Kut Khu at the far northeastern edge down to the southern islands.

One day we woke up early to walk along the beaches of Hua Hin. Carley, who was just six at the time, suggested that if we call out to you silently, with our hearts, your heart would hear - wherever you are.

Carley is 10, now. She still remembers how you used to poke her tummy and make her laugh. We tell her stories about you. For a long time I think she imagined you as a mysterious hero lost in a fairy tale. Now - too old for fairy tales - she's prone to worries at night. Sometimes it's you she worries about.

I'm not sure what my purpose is in posting this letter. I guess it's that small chance that these words may somehow reach you. Even if you only read this, and silently take these words with you, wherever you are.

You are always in our thoughts, Jamie. We hope you are well and happy.

Your friends,
Dave & Carley

Jamie's case remains unsolved.

If you have ANY information on this person's whereabouts, no matter how trivial, please contact:

in Bangkok (Thailand): +66 2 636-0560 ext. 3340
in Canada: +1 (780) 903-9973

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